Concurrent Golf League 2017

End of Year Tournament

Saturday October 14 (1:00 PM)

Heron Bay Golf Club


LocationHeron Bay Golf Club

11801 Heron Bay Blvd
Coral Springs, FL 33321
(954) 796-2000

Start Time: 1 PM Shotgun start.  Men play the white tees.  Senior men play the yellow tees. Women play the red tees.

Range Balls: Range balls are included as part of the tournament.

Cost:  Cost is $35 for league members / $69 for guests.



Individual Handicaps: Individual handicaps are computed in one of four ways, by whichever applies first:

  1. League handicap - converted to an 18-hole handicap.  Note: due to rounding only at the end, your 18-hole handicap may not be double your 9-hole league handicap.
  2. USGA handicap index - converted to league handicap.  Handicap accepted 100 %.
  3. Handicap from another league - converted to league handicap if applicable.  Multiplied by 90% to get tournament handicap.
  4. Average score - converted to league handicap.  Multiplied by 75% to get tournament handicap.

A handicap is required for all players, including guests.

Buffet and Awards Presentation:

Meet afterwards for the buffet:

The league and tournament awards presentation will be after the buffet.